Saturday, May 8, 2010

Hi! I'm new here

My name is Carol.
I'm new here.

This is Miss Kitty:

This is Wuss:

They live with me and my stash of yarn, or Yarniverse.

Some may say my stash is small, but in a studio apartment, it's HUGE!

The book Wuss is lying on, contains instructions for one of my works- in- progress (WIPs), the Ribbed Gloves from Crochet for Today:

As I work through my stash and seek a better life, I also seek to journal my adventure.
I enter this River of Life here....
All followers are welcome.


  1. Wuss and Miss Kitty are both adorable!

    And that stash - I'm a little jealous actually.

    Yay for blogging!!

    Patrizia :)

  2. You have gott little more stash than me :)
    I am consiterd to dave ALott so i do think we have ALOTT ;D haha
    I have gott 20 kilos Álafoss ull (Whool)

    Happy knitting :)