Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Knitting report:

harvest-blanket...This blanket is made of 5 panels 6 squares each.
I used a provisional cast-on to begin each panel. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GSwG6SJ1z2I
I did NOT cast-off; instead I placed each finished panel on a DPN, waste yarn or stitch holder.
My plan is to sew the interior seams then use one circular needle on each side of the blanket, making a very long round for my mitered corners, kind of like a shawl edging.
Picking up the recommended number of stitches in the instructions, I'll increase one stitch at each side of the corner miter. I'm planning on using different sizes needles for top/bottom and sides since my collection of circular needles is not that large. Maybe use the same size needles as the panels for top and bottom and one size smaller for the sides? That way if the border pulls in, it will help the design rather than push out.

The wrapped-in-ripples hit the frog pond again this morning... I guess I can count to 191 but adding 4 stitches to the first row because my tired eyes goofed the setup and shorted my count at the end.
The old "I'll add these here and it won't matter there" routine did not work.NOT a good idea when setting up the baseline for a ripple afghan!
Also, changing from a US13 to a US15 just because the first cast-on attempt seemed to be strangling the US13 needles was also "a slice of crazy pie", to quote Yarn Harlot . It would created a GINORMOUS afghan.
Oh, instructions say "Cast-on 191 stitches loosely" LOOOSELY!

Please note: ball bands can lie! The Bernat Denim Style I'm using for my raglan sweater says 18 stitches to 4 inches. Do you ever wonder who does their swatching in Yarnland? Even dropping 3 needle sizes, my swatch will not go there, unless I want a bulletproof sweater that can stand alone in the corner.
So I accept the true gauge of this yarn is closer to 16 stitches in 4 inches on the recommended US8 for me. And plan accordingly.
not being a fan of sweaters

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