Saturday, June 12, 2010

Settle down?

Often I don't settle down into knitting or crocheting; I use crafting as a last resort when I'm worn out from reorganizing my PLan for a Yarniverse (PLaY or PLY?). Like a dog turns around and around and around in its bed before lying down, I do the same in starting to craft. I'm fine once I start; it's the procrastination before I start that is not working. I really, really, really need to get going; these items don't create themselves!
I like using acronyms to organize my world. Instead of R.S.VP, I'm considering R.E.S.T(Receipt.Electronic.Stash.Test/text). I'm still seeking that which works in getting me off planning and on crafting. Kind of like a meditation focus word, when I ask myself why am I doing this and what is my goal here, the acronym becomes the answer. RSVP to respond or just simply REST.Why do I do this? Perhaps the thrill of planning is more exciting than the actual work of creating. Sister Diane-  Craftypod episode 116 had a wonderful interview this past week regarding Creativity and organization with making-ideas-happen-with-scott-belsky/

On the needles now:
R wrapped-in-ripples
E dancing-doll-tee
S family-hats---mans-hat finished!
T test-knit-fiddle

harvest-blanket has been completed except for the borders.
'brainless' has been frogged. The yarn was too dark for the pattern; I'll restart with a different yarn.
All others have not been started.

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